Things You Should Know Before Taking Xanax 1mg Tablets

Alprazolam or should we say Xanax , came into existence in the year 1981 by a company named Upjohn. This company is now part of Pfizer, and the first approved use of alprazolam was for panic attacks. This medication was created by Dr. Leo Sternbach created this medication year 1969 and was finalized for commercial use in the year 1976 and was finally scheduled by FDA in year 1990. Dr. Sternbach introduced this medication to help out people and bring forward a medicine which has least addictive factors to make life a little easy.

You Should Take It, When Not

Alprazolam is a short acting benzodiazepine used for anxiety, panic attack and alcohol abuse. Just right after hearing about this medication, don’t go out to buy it because you can’t get it without any prescription. As Xanax 1mg tablet belongs to opioid family, it does have some addictive factors, but such thing can happen only if you are taking this medication in large amount or you have done an overdose. You are highly recommended to consume it only under prescription or if you are facing any anxiety, pain attack or alcohol abuse.


The amount of consumption needs to according to your prescription. Xanax 1mg tablet is usually prescribed to be consumed from 0.75 milligram to 1.5 milligram. The quantity can vary depending on your condition, it can go higher. The prescribed quantity is the only one you should consume. Do not consume any extra substance apart from it while taking this medication, consumption needs to be done only once in the entire. Alprazolam carry another name i.e. short-life medicine. The effect of Xanax does not last for a long period of time and this is what makes its way to one of the most addictive medicine. Even if the effect is gone after few hours you are highly recommended not to consume it higher than the prescribed amount.


Before going under any medication a proper research needs to be done, concern your doctor before taking Xanax 1mg tablet or any other medicine.

If you are facing some other medical condition such as liver, stomach or heart diseases do not forget to contact your doctor.

If you feel like you need to stop this medication, don’t forget to concern with your doctor. Decrease the consumption a little by little and you should not stop it suddenly.


For Panic Disorder “I am one of those scared of taking any medication related to psych . I had a stable job for 20 years before the onset of anxiety and panic disorder . I thought I will brave it . So read books , took yoga etc, but it only got worse. Before long it was affecting by performance at work. Finally getting into elevators became impossible. Then I became almost house bound . People even began to notice . That’s when I resolved to solve this problem once and for all. After several trials with my doctor I found xanax and it completely changed my life. I take 0.5 mg daily . All my symptoms are gone . Thank goodness for that medication.”

For Anxiety “I have had bad anxiety for years. Started with busipro but It gave me nightmares and made me stutter a little bit so I stopped the pill. I went in for my board exam for Respiratory care and I failed. During the end of my test My heart started racing, chest pain. I was having a panic attack. I went to the doctor and I was prescribed Xanax. She told me to take 1/2 a pill 0.5 before my test and I did. During my test I felt calm, normal, fresh mind. I could think clearly. I wasnt anxious at all. I passed. Its been a great pill. I love it. But tonight I took 1/2 before bed and 30 minutes later I started crying. I am depressed too before starting pills. But for the most part xanax has been so good to me.”

For Anxiety “I have been taking xanax for about the last ten years or so off and on. I am 26 now, and I only take Xanax when I really need it. The drug has helped me get through many school presentations from high to college. I get so anxious before big presentations that I have literally froze up in front of whole classes numerous times (while not on Xanax) and whenever I do take it, I get A’s on my projects, I’m less anxious, and everybody is more happy. It also helps if you have a long airplane ride. In short, I have been taking this drug for the past decade responsibly and it has helped me benefit in many situations.”

“I know these meds are very addictive but right now I start chemo therapy and for my cancer of course I’m trying to be strong but I have more bad days then good and without alprazolam I would literally go insane”

For Depression “It surely works for anxiety. Being said that, stay away from this drug if you can. In the time you build a tolerance, and doses required are much much higher as time passes. Withdrawal is TERRIBLE, I would give a 0/10 but I give 4 because at least it works for anxiety. You can suffer severe loss of memory and generally my brain can’t work properly after too many years under it’s effect, it has ruined my clear thinking. My liver values goes off chart when I use too much, and has became the norm now after few years of use. Go for other medication that doesn’t give you that severe addiction. Hope it helps. Sorry for bad english. I’m now under Testosterone treatment and after few months I can see my symptoms gets better without the brain fog xanax 1 mg pill can give.”

For Depression “I was initially diagnosed with severe depression. It was the drug of first choice to treat my extreme shyness. While on it I had troubles breathing. I was so dizzy and confused that at times I didn’t even know where I was. I couldn’t do anything. All I did was sleep. I was supposed to take it 3x a day but stopped before completing the treatment. Wouldn’t recommend the experience to anyone. I honestly can’t tell why some people take it for kicks or how they end up being addicted to it.”

Do not forget two individuals cannot have same journey, nor does your body work in the same manner, so do not think negative only because it didn’t work out well for someone else or vice versa.

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