Over the Counter Sleeping Aids

After a long day at work all we need is good meal, relaxing environment, nice bath and a soft bed to sleep on. Everything just seem perfect and that is when our brain decide to do things differently because of some abnormal chemical activity happening in our brain. One turn, two turn, endless turn and than a sudden shock and you see yourself sitting in your soft bed with messed hairs and a annoyed face expression with a lot of irritation. All you can think of is irritation for the current situation, that how much badly you want to sleep so that you can have everything perfect(okay, not perfect but having a normal day is all what we need) for the next day. If you are having a smile on your face right now, I think which you must be having because the sleeping part sound just like yours. No one likes to have their bed like this and a solution is all we need. You don’t have to go too far with it because there are few sleeping aids present just around the corner.

Here are some of the sleeping aids you can consider during such period of misery:-

Melatonin: – The wake/sleep cycle of human body is controlled by a hormone called melatonin, which can be obtained in supplement form, melatonin is helpful for attaining a restless sound sleep. Melatonin is one of the OTC Pills (Over the Counter Sleep Aid), which is effective for many people but do carry some side effects like dizziness, headache, sleepy for the following day.

Tylenol PM: – This pain reliever contains acetaminophen (the active ingredient in Tylenol), and in addition an antihistamine, so it will give you the same lazy impact of Benadryl. Notwithstanding, high measurements of acetaminophen can prompt liver issues, particularly if taken with liquor. What’s more, since acetaminophen is additionally found in cold and flu pharmaceuticals and headache drugs, it can be simpler than you may not do an overdose. On the off chance that you don’t have pain, avoid this sleep aid for something without acetaminophen.

Valerian: – this salt has been useful for a really long time, over the centuries people have used this one ingredient to ease insomnia but scientists are still not sure that how it works. They have believed till now that this medication produce relaxing medication in our brain for relieving the unstable condition to fall asleep. There are no recorded evidence about its work but it can help you to fall asleep soon. Even if this is over the counter medication still try not to consume it in excess. Excess can lead to various side effects.

Benadryl: – This popular OTC  Pills allergy and anti-itch medication is also frequently taken to help with sleep. That’s because it and other antihistamines have a sedating effect. While Benadryl may help you nod off, it could also cause memory problems, dry mouth, and even lead to sleep walking. And many people develop a tolerance to the drug, meaning that you’ll likely lose the sleep-inducing side effect if you use it too often.

These are some of the most useful OTC pills you can consume. These pills do not act effect for people with more harsh condition. If these pills are not effective you need to change your pills and shift to more strong and effective pills like Zolpidem, Diazepam etc. You can purchase these medications from one of the best online pharmaceuticals, Xanax UK at best prices, delivered to your doorsteps.

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