How to take Xanax?

Anxiety is the most expected part of life. Many individuals go through this phase once in the lifetime. An individual might face this situation in a daily routine such as while job performance, school work and in personal relationships. Anxiety is lead by stress, another mental disorder in which an individual under fear and pain. Stress is a positive consideration in many cases but at times it is harmful to health. Depression is the next step to anxiety in which an individual lives in the sense of pain and sorrow.

Anxiety disorders are regular attacks of anxiety and stress. For an individual suffering from stress and anxiety might get worse over time. Dealing with stress and anxiety is difficult with daily routines such as school, job and in personal relationships.

There are many types of anxiety disorders which include:Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Panic Attacks

Generalized Anxiety Disorder: this disorder is the constant worry about the work of daily routine. This is the most common disorder and can last for up to 6 months. An individual might worry about the number of things such as personal health, work, and social interactions. Its symptoms include:
1. restlessness
2. over the edge spirit
3. pounding heart
4. difficulty in controlling the emotions
5. having sleeping problems

Panic disorder: it is the sudden periods of intense fear that reaches the peak for a few minutes. The situation is triggered by any force intensive and extensive.
During a panic attack a person might experience:
1.a pounding heart
4.feeling of impending doom
out of control emotions

Individuals suffering from this disorders avoid any interactions and visiting places they sense fear.

A phobia is an intense fear of specific situations. The situation could be realistic and could be nonexistent.
Individuals with phobias
1. excessive worry about facing the tension
2. they may encounter intense anxiety
3. they will avoid certain situations
some common phobias are:
1. Flying
2. Heights
3. blood
Social Anxiety Disorder: People suffering from this situation have general intense of fear of social behavior. They will worry that their behavior will be negatively judged. This situation can be seen in school and workplaces.
Separation anxiety disorder:
This condition is generally seen with the children. People who suffer this situation have the fear to lose someone they are attached the most.
pounding heart rate
Treatments and therapies:
Anxiety is treatable with medication and psychotherapies. There are many ways to treat anxiety bit the individual might see which is the best possible treatment for the disorder.
Psychotherapy: it is a talk therapy, but also the medications they help to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks and extreme worry. As being a part of benzodiazepine they have benefits. They provide instant relief and calming effect.