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Xanax 1mg

Effect of Xanax 1mg on Neurological System

After consuming Xanax 1mg tablets , you can feel its effect within a 1-2 hour duration right after its dissolution in our blood. Xanax 1mg is part benzodiazepine family it carries the behavior of a sedative. This medication is responsible for balancing the abnormal brain activity because of an unbalanced amount of neurotic chemicals. There is a question that remains unanswered until now; How does it work in our Neurological System? Today that will be our point of discussion. We will be helping to understand the action of anxiety on your neurological system and how does our system respond to a medication like Xanax 1mg tablets after consuming.

Many people do not consider anxiety an important where as it is a state of concern. Anxiety plays an important factor in neurological problems. The symptom related to anxiety is related to early neurological problem symptoms. Before going for the details, you should try this 7-minute anxiety test . Over the time, people have reported various physical issues while facing anxiety. All these physical issues emerged because of anxiety.

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Brain Tumors
  • Lyme Disease

All these states are so confusing for doctors too. They end up going through various tests only to be sure about any other major issue, which needs to be looked upon. For the patient things get ever harder because for them to believe on their doctors is all most impossible as they can’t see things clearly or put them together to make a logical decision. You can help your state by going under a proper medication recommended by your doctor. If you are taking Xanax 1mg tablets here are some of the neurological issues, which will be gone.

Tingling Hands and Feet

A person who is going through anxiety will have a high amount of adrenaline and hyperventilation, which can lead to a tingling feeling in our body. As we all know both of them have different effect on our body, adrenaline is responsible for dilating our blood vessels so that blood can be send to the muscles. On the other hand, hyperventilation is responsible to creating a contraction in our blood vessels, so that less blood can flow to our hands and feet. Our body has a different response for these situations can go from tingling, numbness, cold and burning. You can have Xanax 1mg tablets if you wish to put an end to this, but remember to consume only the prescribed amount.

Nerve Pains

Anxiety can lead to nerve pain. Nerve pain is physical and psychological too. The pain you feel in your nerves is generated by our brain due to which it comes under psychology but at the same time the pain you feel is no less than an injury. The pain felt by you is genuine; sometimes you can even find your nerves swollen. Do take a proper medication to lessen your pain.


Anxiety can also cause you dizziness/lightheadness. Due to which things can go another way, a person can find a great amount of difficulty even in standing. To ask a person suffering from anxiety (dizziness) stay still is almost impossible. You start losing your hold on your body and vision starts to get blurry.


Anxiety can trigger headaches and these are not just some normal headaches; a person going through anxiety can end up with migraine too. Migraine is a situation of headache but sometimes these headaches can go to another level like blood vomit and blackout. To avoid a situation like blood vomit and blackout, try to stay focused with your medication and take it in regularity.

Vision Problems

Any vision problem is a state of concern, but a situation in which you can lose the control of your vision just in a few seconds is no good. People going through anxiety have said many times that there few situations in which they thought they are about to die or will be losing their eye sight forever because all they saw in that anxious situation was a blurred picture and do not wish to recall that time ever again.

Memory Loss

Forgetting things is normal, but forgetting a fragment of a moment in an anxious situation is no good. People have always complained about memory loss during anxiety and consider it normal because after sometime everything go back to normal but, what people do not understand that memory loss can be permanent in anxiety due to the constant pumping of cortisol, a stress hormone, so try to get a proper medication as soon as possible

If you are going through anxiety and have already, felt all these neurological symptoms you should concern your doctor for the medication. After concerning your doctor you can purchase your medication for anxiety from our site Xanax UK . 

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