Common Mistakes we make while using Xanax UK

There are some loopholes in everything, so how can we expect a medicine without any loophole; just like that, Xanax (alprazolam) is a medication with various loopholes. We fall in these loopholes very easily and end up in a great trouble, so here are some of the most common mistakes we make while taking Xanax pills.

Consuming Beverages

One of the most common mistakes made by people during under their panic attack and anxiety is consuming beverages like coffee, tea and sometimes alcohol too. The consumption of such products is not only their own personal it is something recommended by others too. Sometimes we go under the consumption of such beverages under the suggestion of other people too. These products leave side effect as well as make them worse for that person while facing it.

Heavy Breathing

Whenever a person gets into a situation of sudden shock or stress, they usually get a recommendation to breathe heavily so that they can get enough oxygen and can think about the situation calmly to make a fine decision. However, this is not the case with anxiety or panic attack, in medical term heavy breathing is known as; hyperventilation, hyperventilation can make your situation worse. You are already having a fast heartbeat because of your anxiety or panic attack, by doing hyperventilation you will be getting a much faster heartbeat resulting in a bad condition.


A situation, in which a person desires to stay alone, is also known as Moping. They wish to be an anti social who does not wish to stay with anyone, no matter how affectionate they feel towards them. Everything just feels like a burden, and desire to get out of that one situation increase with every single second. Moping makes you boycott yourself from the society, which can create a problem for your recovery, because your brain become habitual of staying alone which make socialization with the society after recovery hard.

Subjecting yourself

You start subjecting yourself. You do this subjecting on purpose. You force yourself to be in an anxious and stressful situation. Mostly people involve themselves in a negative environment or start engaging with negative people. If you are having an engagement with negative thoughts, which are generated by you or they are transmitted by other people can be harmful. Many other things you can avoid is judging yourself or watching any negative or horror movie.

Listening to Music

Listening to music is a good idea, but not in every situation. In a situation where you have engaged yourself with sad/negative music can never bring any good to you. Under anxiety, you feel as if you want to stay in that particular situation and wish to have everything according to that, but remember this can be one of the worst decision you can ever make. Try to listen to positive music, which is light and thoughtful so that can you think of happy things to lower your anxiety. Music can help you a little but would not help you to get rid of anxiety.

Wrong Medication

This is a horrible and most common mistake made by people. People go under anti-anxiety medication when they feel like things are getting out of hand and they need to do something about it and for that they approach easiest way i.e. To take Xanax pills  or any other anti-depressant. If you feel like to go under medication after concerning with your doctor, do not start the medication in the middle and leave it in the moment of recovery.

Quitting Your Medication

Try not to quit your medication in the middle of your course. The moment you will start recovering the instincts for quitting Xanax pills will increase, but you should not do such thing because you will end up facing withdrawal symptoms. You can concern your doctor to lower your dose because you are able to see the improvement. In addition, the safest way to quit Xanax pills is by lowering the amount.


Do not quit any kind of physical activity. Try to engage yourself in physical activity as much as you can. It is good for your physical health as well as mental health. Physical workout can decrease your anxiety with a feeling of refreshment. You will lose your desire to be involved in any activity, but still you have to keep up somehow. Stop slouching in your home to engage yourself, instead of that engage yourself in different activities.
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