Central Sleep Apnea, How It Affects Your Health

Central sleep apnea happens when the brain hinder signals for temporary basis to muscke of the body which is responsible for managing breathing process. Central sleep apnea is considered as a communication issue.              Central sleep apnea is not very common, on an average about 20 per cent of individuals suffering from sleep apnea falls under the category of central sleep apnea, to aleep soundly you can make use of Zolpidem Online in the UK.

Central sleep apnea is a source of underlying medical issues and diseases that causes impact on the streams of brain. The various sources results in different signs and various kinds of central sleep apnea.

Signs of central sleep apnea

  • Finding it hard to breathe which wakes up the person
  • Massive drowsiness during the day
  • Chronic tiredness
  • Bad sleep patterns and trends, for which you can use Zolpidem Online UK.
  • Finding it hard to concentrate and focus on core activities of the day
  • Alteration in moods and behavior
  • Snoring

Sourcess of central sleep apnea

  • Parkinson’s disease – Medical diseases that causes impact on the brain stem which consists of infections in the brain and attacks.
  • Obesity
  • Some type of medicines such as narcotic pain-killing medications.
  • Heart failure

Risk factors of central sleep apnea

Males are at a greater risk of developing central sleep apnea. This condition is particularly more common in older adults particularly those of age group 65 and above. Individuals suffering from heart conditions like atrial fibrillation and congestive heart failure are prone to acquire central sleep apnea.

Individuals who suffered from a attack or a tumor in brain, individuals at higher altitude for which it is highly advisable for you yo make use of Zolpidem Online UK and acquire a sound sleep. Individuals who posses to use opioid medicines, individuals suffering from obstructive sleep apnea also develops the condition. Of central sleep apnea.

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