Anxiety Is Not A Normal Emotion

Anxiety an emotion which we have bear once in our life. There are various degrees to this emotions, for example, a student is anxious before the exam, or a candidate is anxious before the interview, which is considered normal but there are some situations when a person goes through the extreme fear and worry. The symptoms associated with this disorder are extreme fear and worry, generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, social anxiety disorder and Mutism, OCD and most severe depression.

There are certain degrees of anxiety which include:

Panic Disorder: in this, the person may feel terror strike, he may get sweat and chest pain. The extreme to this situation may get him to cardiovascular diseases.
2. Anxiety Disorder: the person may take unrealistic worry and tension for no reason. He may react to the certain situation which might not happen in the past or the future.
3. There are some other labels for this diseases such as fear of height and flying, books and people. Other similar symptoms include sleeping problems, nausea, tense muscles, shortness of breath, tense muscles, cold, and sweaty tingling hand and feet.

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A recent study reveals that 40% of the population of US is suffering from extreme Anxiety disorder. Also this study further states that only one-third of the total sufferers receive treatment although this disease is highly curable and resistable. A report by WHO shares that 1 in 10 globally is suffering from anxiety and depression and this is the most common disorder found worldwide.

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